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Several of my drawings are included in the autumn issue of the beautiful art magazine Art Maze Mag. The published work is part of a series of large narrative drawings. The guest curator was artist Charlie Roberts.

Accompanying text with images:

In addition to painting I have always continued to draw. I like the directness of drawing. It is a quick way to capture ideas with just a pencil or piece of charcoal. If I have little time to paint and think in layers or when I am restless, I start drawing. In 2017, the need arose as a counterpart to my landscape paintings, to make drawings where the focus is directed indoors. The setting in these works is a space inside, although in all drawings the contact with the outside is not lost because there are windows. It is a series that only grows slowly. Every drawing is a story in itself. They are based on book excerpts, loose associations, fragments of previously seen images, old saved photos and household items from the artist. All this combined into spaces that appeal to the imagination. If the content is already a hodgepodge, so is the technique of drawing. Because the large sheets of paper are stretched, it is possible to work with a combination of diluted acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and pastel chalk.

Art Maze Mag

About Art Maze Mag

Art Maze Magazine is an independent artist-run and ad-free international print and online publication dedicated to showcasing and promoting experimental and progressive contemporary art, which reflects modern society and its environment, provokes conversation and action; fosters innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile.

ArtMaze Magazine is published five times per year and announces a curated call for art for each issue every 2-3 months. We invite guest curators from internationally renowned galleries as well as independent art professionals to select works for each issue’s curated section of works.

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