About Alice Brasser

Alice Brasser (1965) lives and works in Haarlem. She was educated at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Art. Brasser’s work has been included in corporate collections and in many private collections both in the Netherlands and abroad. In September 2017 a book was published about her work entitled ‘Dreamscapes’. This monograph shows an overview of paintings and drawings from the years 2007- 2017.

The main theme in her work is the landscape. Trees, grasses, fields and flowers are recurring motifs in her drawings and paintings, in which night and dusk, light and shadow, reflections in water and especially the intensity of color evoke an atmosphere of mystery. Her work often features human beings or traces of human presence.

‘In the painting world of Alice Brasser we experience the boredom of young people hanging around, lush bushes on an old concrete slab, white flower meadows, shadowy entertainments in a forest, a black couch with a view of a dark city and a sweltering scene at a riverbank. (..) Much can be said about the art of Alice Brasser. In her paintings, nature takes back what is due to her and manifests itself in shining and in wondrous hues. (..) The works leave a stunning impression. The word beauty alone is not sufficient to characterize them.

Haarlems Dagblad, ‘Tidy land is the end of fantasy’, 16 September 2017, by Jaap Timmers