Special offer
These paintings on panel all have the same size, 17 x 20 cm, some lying, others standing.
In terms of subject, the series can be viewed as a free association of images. Some motifs are new, others refer to previously made paintings, variations or ‘covers’.
Price 220 Euro (Including VAT, excluding shipping costs). If interested you can send me a message via email or Whatsapp.

The reason for creating these small works was a brilliant initiative on Instagram by artist Matthew Burrows, #artistsupportpledge. Inspired by the global pandemic, artists are also looking for new ways to show and sell their work. It stood out for its simplicity, directness and reciprocity. In short, it means that artists worldwide share / offer their work on Instagram for no more than 220 euros. After the sale of five works, the artist in question buys someone else’s work. For the enthusiast, beautiful works of art can be purchased here at a very friendly price. For complete information, see Artist Support Pledge or visit Instagram under #artistsupportpledge.